I am not a blogger

I had been chatting with a friend of mine last week. She had invited me over for a BBQ, you know who you are Em, and we had gotten on the topic of blogging. She blogs, she has a great blog, she’s a great writer, I’d link it, but I don’t know how large she wants her traffic, so I may update this later, ( maybe I should add a period to this sentence). We were chatting, like I mentioned, about blogging, and her friend who was also over for the BBQ, was talking about her blog, then we talked about mine, and I came to the conclusion, but not realization, because I have thought of this before, that I am a bad blogger. I am I know it. I don’t write blogs. My writing is far too long for a blog. Who the hell wants to read this long ass shit? I mean really? I know this, I am quite aware that my brevity decreases my traffic flow. I don’t write blogs, I write “articles and essays”, I write commentary and quasi-journal entries, (I’m only speaking in length, not content) but not so personal I can be labeled a confessional bloggest (like that word? made it up myself). Okay, so ya’ll know my mom’s a junkie, but she’s off the horse, so she told me, but junkies lie, she told me that too, and we laughed. Oh ha ha. But seriously, I’m not dumping all my soiled laundry here, but I am writing, and rambling along. Em’s friend said, no way I’d read your blog. I KNOW THAT. It’s too damn long. And it is like days, sometimes weeks in between postings, I mean what’s that shit, right? That’s not the way to get a person hooked.  And, I suck at reading other people’s blogs. I do, I admit, I do not have a regular blog to read except Em’s, and I don’t keep up on it I catch up on it. Which is a shame ’cause it’s good. It isn’t that I don’t want to read more it’s that I just can not find the time to read them consistently. You know how some people read the paper front to back every day or some people read like five papers or magazines? Yeah, not me. I am so excited to get through a book. And I call myself a writer (scoff). You know what though? It’s okay. I don’t want to be famous, and I don’t want a wikipedia page, I don’t need the attention. I have been writing this for about two years now, and I am used to the low traffic in fact I still get excited if someone leaves a comment. I am not jaded to the comments yet, also everyone that leaves a comment writes in complete sentences. Now that is nice.  And listen, I’m writing a novel, that’s hard. Oh sure some people do it all the time, and write their blogs every day, well fuck those people, some of us are slow. You know like slugs and turtles, slow damn it, but look at this long trail I left, isn’t it shiny? I just referred to myself as a snail. This 500 + word “article” all comes down to me calling myself a snail. Gorgeous. In conclusion, I know I am a bad blogger, I probably need a different format, but I will be shocked and surprised to see that anytime soon, so, if you do stop by and read this even though I haven’t read your blog, and this took forever to read, and it was like three months ago that I last posted, thank you. I really do appreciate you stopping by, Em.


  1. Oh my god…I think you were in my room listening to me talk about blogging. I’m new at this blogging crap. I just wanted an easier way to write, and to share what I write. I agree..I write..too damn much for a friggin blog. I am going to keep reading yours though. I can’t even tell you how I found it. Well, I could tell you but it would be about 10,000 words. maybe some other time. Quest and search and link. that pretty much sums it up. Hey thanks…if you want to read my blog or not, it’s up to you.

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