Oh Rejections, why must you…

I’m writing about your A— application. We’ve selected a dozen students for the class of 2011. Unfortunately, the news here is that we passed on your application this year. It was competitive, that’s for sure. And I can assure you that your manuscript was considered closely.

I’ll just share with you one thing personally–because I know from experience that no letter such as this ever gets it right. I just feel fortunate that you gave us a chance to consider your work. Thanks for that. And I’m sorry to disappoint with this news.

We’ll be making the announcement about the  class of 2011 very soon this week. Then, next year, probably around January or February, we’ll begin soliciting applications again for the following year. Should it be the right time for you, I invite you to apply then for the class of 2012.

Wishing you the best with your writing.

Bummer. In a nut shell, that’s all I can say about this letter. I followed up with a thank you letter for my very sincere and friendly rejection letter (which it is) and asked if someone could tell me why I didn’t tip the scales in my favor, but there isn’t much more to do with it.

I feel like an orphan in an Brontë novel, but that’s just because I’m reading Jane Eyre and it is rainy and cloudy outside, perfect for my rejection.


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