The Show is Almost Here

This is the second drawing in Jen Smith‘s work for my poem Girl. I’m really thrilled with what she has created. The originals will be up for the auction on Sunday, and prints will also be available for purchase.

It is strange to see one of my poems come alive in a drawing. Today I am working with Francis and we are going to make a video to another one of my poems- This is the Power of Performance. Now Set the Poet Free. For not being a poet, I am collaborating a lot with my poetry. My final collaboration is with music. The band the Waking Guild, has sent me one of their songs and I wrote a story to it, so instead of singing I will be performing over the music. I haven’t rehearsed it yet, but nothing like the last minute.

The show is this Sunday, and I have some incredible people performing, I’m really amazed with the amount of talent. I hope I have a good turn out, not just to make the money I need for school, but also just so that there is an audience for these performers.

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