The Gallery Part I

This sketch is based off one of Jacob Lawrence's paintings.

When I work at the gallery, and there is a lull in the comings and goings of patrons interested in looking at the photographs, I like to lock the doors and put up the sign that reads: “Back in 15 mins.” I only do this once a day, for my actual break, but I don’t leave the space to go to lunch. I step out of the view of the windows, remove my shoes so that there is no sound except for the whirl and hush of the air conditioner, and I dance. I dance like I am a real dancer like I am training for a performance on the stage or I lie on the smooth cool surface of the concrete floor, and stare up at the photographs as they stare down at me. I think, “this would make an interesting photograph.” But, it is never seen by anyone not even me because I cannot see myself. I can only sense myself and imagine how this photographic image could look. Its always awesome.

These are my solitary moments, the parts of my life that feel real, the part that is truly me, my wonderful quiet artist that hides her face from the world.

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