An Old Christmas Present


I made this short film for my friend Sue as a christmas present back in 2001. I was taking a film class through the North West Film Center. I had just moved to Portland, Or. We had a band with one other woman, Amy. We loved to travel, and we had only been back in the United States for a year. Things were new.

In 2008, Sue died in a car crash. I still can’t believe she’s gone. I still hate that she’s gone. I say death is for the living. I feel grateful that I have this video to share. As long as those who loved her live she will remain. As long as this video exists, she exists. That’s the amazing thing about life and death. We carry our grief, we share our grief, and as long as we love those who have left this world and share their stories, their music, their images, and the life the had lived they stay with us, and continue to influence us.

I made the film on Super eight and then filmed it with a digital camera. It is edited on Final Cut Pro II. All the music is Sue’s, and her band’s, The Mondegreens

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