Final Rejection Letter… Well Not Really…

“Applicants who have not been notified of admission or placement on the waitlist by April 2, 2013 should assume they will not be offered admission for 2013-2014. Because of the high number of applications and limited staff, it is not possible to send out denial notifications until late spring. Applicants who wish to confirm their application status sooner, may contact the Programs in Writing after April 16, 2013.”

-Love UCI Irvine

I always thought to assume made an ASS of U and ME. I’m sorry…, but this is bullshit. The world is full of bullshit and bullshit makers. This school charges $88.00 to apply for their program (it may be $75, still a lot for my paltry pockets). This fee is non-refundable. I knew the fee was non-refundable going into the application process. I also knew it was competitive and that I might not get in, but I also believed I was good enough to make the cut. I still believe that. A lot of people are good enough, and a lot of people are exceptional, there are a lot of people in the world. But, if they had this little notice on their website before I applied, I would not have applied. I do not like sending my money to a company, oh I mean school, that has so little interest in the people who apply- other than their money- that they can’t even spare a rejection e-mail. In the days of letters I would have more understanding for this limited staff and high number bullshit excuse, but in today’s computer land it doesn’t fly. The entire application is electronic. They mean to say that in the development of their application software they couldn’t put in a canned response button that says, “sorry but thank you we had many excellent applications, don’t give up” or “sorry we didn’t think you were a good fit.” Whatever. I worked for a software development company I know this can be done. Google has a canned response. Brown, Syracuse, and San Diego were able to send an e-mail rejection. Irvine can’t afford to send a “denial notification”. Please. Bullshit.

Denial notification. I like that. It makes me laugh. It’s like the PC word for rejection letter. I wasn’t rejected. I was denied. I should change my page titled ‘My Wonderful Rejections Letters’ to ‘My Wonderful Denials’.

Anyway… that’s over. Now what?

What’s the next move on the great plan of my life? I have no idea. Right now all I wish is that I could get unemployment, drink wine, and watch Game of Thrones all day. That’s about my level of ambition.

They can keep their late spring denial why waste the limited staff’s time and money on a single sentence now.



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