Don’t Short Change the Muse. My tuition fundraiser in Portland.

The funny thing about self promotion when you are a private person is that it feels weird. I have to promote in order to get people to come to my fundraiser. I have to tell them and show them who I am so that they will pay me money so that I can in turn pay for my writing workshop, but I don’t like putting my pictures up all over. I feel strange about the whole thing. Strange about saying, “hey give me some money so I can do art. I’m awesome”. It all feels out of character for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a performer, I am very comfortable on the stage, but when the show’s over I don’t want to hob nob in the green room and talk about the performance. I want to go home. I hate talking about me and what I do. Except, that is all I do on this blog, I talk about myself, to mostly perfect strangers no less, but it feels anonymous. I’m breaking that right now. I did a bunch of tongue in cheek promo pictures for my invite to my fundraiser and I’ve posted some of the photos.

I’m being a writer, you can tell by the pen, the paper and the glasses. Dig the symbolism of the road. All that is behind me and all that is ahead, get it. Writer stuff. The umbrella is to represent the Pacific Northwest. Yeeeah. And it was raining.

Writers are serious. I was making sure I got that across. Serious business this writing.

As some of you know I got into the Attic’s Atheneum writing program. It is the equivalent of an MFA program. I’m pretty damn thrilled, but I don’t have the money to pay for it. So I did something completely out of character, I decided to not let the money deter me.

I decided as one way to make money I would have a fundraiser. I decided to put together a variety show. And variety it is. I have an opera singer, a burlesque dancer, some music and I’m doing three readings.

I will be reading one spoken word, one monologue and a bit from my novel. I have to put together the program, the order of the show, and a bunch of other stuff too. A part of me is excited, but most of me is nervous. I’m afraid people wont come and if they do I’m afraid they will hate it. Especially my friends. Ugh, it sucks when your friends don’t like your stuff.

The name of the show is, Don’t Short Change the Muse. It comes from something William Burroughs once said. It is on the 22nd of June and will be happening here in Portland. I’m not sure how many Portland people read this post, but if you want to come you are invited. The info is at the bottom of this post. There is not a link because I am not that high-tech.

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. A show about me for me. I mean, wow, weird, I have some kind of complex or something. Of course I do. If I didn’t I’d be famous, because I’m pretty talented. You like that? I added that part for extra emph.

The best part about all these photos? I don’t even wear glasses.


Come join me and guests for one night at Bar Carlo for a variety show of readings, poetry, music, vaudeville, a couple loose cannons, opera and burlesque.
Help Adrienna raise tuition money for the Attic’s The Atheneum.
There will be a silent auction with donations from the following artists: and businesses:

Lucy’s Table, Presents of Mind, Tasi, Seasons K. Designs, From the Reliquary, SmashCuts, Artist Jen Smith, Jesse Jacob Young Photographer, Silk Rose Acupuncture, Technology is Real, Luscious Jewelry and more…

All funds go to Adrienna’s tuition.

A Sliding Scale Entrance fee of $5 to $15 dollars (no one will be turned away).

Doors open at 7:00p.m. show starts at 8:00 p.m.

A special thank you to Bar Carlo for the space.

Help make a great writer and help support a craftsperson. Writing like all other arts is a craft to be cultivated and nurtured. Writing done well is about community, it is about life.


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